Why Ireland Could Be Your Best Vacation Ever!

By: The Irish Riviera

Ireland is a country that captures the imagination and floods the senses. Its lush green landscapes, sparkling seas, hidden coves, dramatic mountains and welcoming people are just some of the reasons why you’ll return to Ireland again and again.

For such a small country, Ireland has a lot to offer the visitor. Whatever you’re interested in, Ireland can provide it and you’ll never be disappointed. Whether you’re staying in the vibrant capital city of Dublin or in a rural idyll on the west coast, you’ll find more to do than you have time for – and time definitely moves more slowly when you take a holiday here.

The food

Irish restaurants offer some of the most wonderful food. Its island position gives it access to a wide range of seafood and its fertile land is ideal for livestock and produce farmers. Local chefs create fabulous dishes with this local produce, and you can create your own gastronomic delight with freshly caught mussels and perfect Irish cheese.

The landscape

Whether you enjoy coastal walks or mountain trails, Ireland has something to offer. Its west coast faces the Atlantic, with nothing between you an North America except thousands of miles of ocean, and spectacular cliffs stand alongside sheltered beaches and wider stretches of sand. There is said to be more shades of green in Ireland than anywhere else, and from some of the country’s most famous vantage points, you can count them all as you spy across hills and valleys.

The people

The Irish are welcoming people for whom tourism is an important economy. Centuries of emigration mean that many tourists come to Ireland to research their family history or to visit places their ancestors called home and today’s inhabitants are happy to help wherever they can. Notoriously child-friendly, Ireland is an ideal resort for families with children of any age, and local hospitality in restaurants, pubs and guest houses is one of the things that stays with you long after you return home.

If you’ve yet to visit Ireland, then it’s time you took a look at what’s on offer. Be warned though: one visit is never enough!





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