Jersey And St Helier: What To Do And See When You Visit Jersey

Jersey is the largest and probably best known island in the Channel Islands. Although it is very close to France, it is very much a part of the United Kingdom. Even though it issues its own bank notes, Jersey quite happily accepts the UK's notes and coins as well.

If you are a full British passport holder, you'll have no trouble entering or leaving the island. But because Jersey isn't officially a part of the European Union, it's worth checking what – if any – requirements there are for you to visit this charming island.

The largest town on Jersey is the one you are most likely to have heard of, St Helier. This is the main destination for many of the holidaymakers who visit and you'll find a wide choice of things to do and places to stay in what is the capital town of Jersey.

Because of its nature as a tourist destination, St Helier has numerous shops that cater for visitors and local inhabitants. As well as the usual suspects, shopaholics can explore the town and explore shops dedicated to many different things. Anything from locally made pottery through to specialist fishing tackle shops as well as things like fashion clothing and accessories. Or you could choose to visit one of the galleries displaying paintings by the local artists such as Nicholas Romeril, who specializes in seascapes of the area.

You can also make sure you keep fit during your stay in Jersey by visiting the Fort Regent leisure centre. Here you can find the latest equipment to keep you fit and healthy or just sit back and enjoy the views from this Napoleonic fortress. There are plenty of areas to have a leisurely walk and enjoy the panoramic views of Jersey's coastline.

Concertgoers will want to check out who is playing at Fort Regent during their vacation – it is host to most of the concerts and other big events on the island.

Although it's the largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey is still quite small at about 45 square miles. You can hire a car, bike or scooter to get around the island and reach some of the more "off the beaten track" places.

Because the island has a large tourist trade, there is lots of different places to stay. Whether you are looking for a small, friendly bed and breakfast or the facilities associated with larger hotels, you are sure to find somewhere to suit. If you want to be able to look out onto the ocean from your room, be sure to check that the room you are booking offers sea views.

If one of your objectives for your break is a sun tan, you may also want to check how exactly how close you are to the beach, although to be honest most of Jersey is within easy reach of many beautiful beaches. If you will have children with you, be sure that the beaches you intend to visit offer a range of activities to keep them occupied.



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