The drama and sheer variety of the outstanding natural features never fail to impress Scotland’s visitors. Although Scotland is small, it offers an amazing range of landscapes. From the beautiful untouched Highlands to the enchanting city of Edinburgh, Scotland has something for everyone.

There is no right time to visit Scotland; each period of the year has something different to offer. Winter is a fantastic season in Scotland and therefore a great time to visit. The countryside, caked in a thick blanket of snow, makes for a beautiful gentle stroll through the frosty white glens. Take in the stunning array of castles and ancient standing stones along your way. There is an extensive array of activities to do such as, taking an invigorating round of golf at one of Scotland’s famous courses, visiting the Scottish Snowdrop Festival or taking an exhilarating mountain bike ride. New Year has also traditionally been a popular time to visit Scotland for partying and warm hospitality. Whatever interests you to do during this extraordinary season, you can be assured to have an unforgettable experience.

Being the most northerly country of Britain, Scotland has famously strong winters with blizzards of snow and constant minus temperatures. However, in the summer, days are usually mild or warm, and, most importantly daylight lingers until 9pm or later, so you can relax way into the night. August in Edinburgh is festival time, which dominates everything in the city. Elsewhere, events such as highland games, folk festivals or sporting events take place.

Commonly, May and September give weather every bit as good as, if not better than, the months of high summer. The advantage of this is that you can experience the same weather as tourists in the summer but you are less likely to encounter crowds, making your Scotland experience slightly more relaxing if you would prefer your holiday to be that bit quieter. Also, the mild temperatures along with the changing seasons are great for outdoor activities to take in the beautiful nature whilst enjoying your hobby.


The majority of Scottish inhabitants live in the central belt that spreads from Glasgow in the west across to Edinburgh. In these cities, public transport is efficient and other destinations are accessible by train and bus. Off the main routes, public transport services are scarcer, especially in the more remotes areas of the country. If you plan your routes well, everywhere is accessible. In most areas, the minimal traffic makes driving a stress free experience.


It is no surprise that Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is packed with historic wonders and still has natural beauty- rare for a modern city. It is its beauty that has made the city become so famous and loved across the world. Its unique mixture of past with present will bring back beautiful memories for the older generation and have new memories to offer to the younger - catering for everyone. Arguably, the main attraction to Edinburgh’s tourist is the remarkable, Edinburgh Castle. It sits high and proud on volcanic rock, standing out above the landscape.

Here in Edinburgh, the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes place every August. You can enjoy the magical event first hand on the ancient and historic esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, whilst 100 million people worldwide will be watching it on the television! You will be breath-taken by the massed pipes and drums, dancer and display teams from all over the world. All the glittering talents make for an unforgettable spectacle!